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Finally posting pictures of video rental room

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Thanks AK...Low cost too,

floor paint 38.00 a bucket, we did 2 rooms so actual cost was 18.00 flooring. wall paint was only done on seen areas. 1/4 gallon so about 5.00, Used tv antenna was painted 3.00, and was purchased with the other ones in the shop so actual cost was like 8.00 we divided original antenna into 5 parts paid 40.00 for the whole thing..lights were 7.00 each or 28.00. Tin was already on the walls. Oh yes and 6.00 in paint for the shelves

Make over total 68.00

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I have a computer repair shop, I fix all kinds of electronics and rent video games and now movies, I have an ebay drop off store and a pack and ship service...I'm always doing something

It looks awesome! And I think it is even cooler that you spent so little. It feels good to do something yourself doesn't it? I put new flooring in my kitchen for $75, looks good and cost under $100. Felt good, like I had accomplished something! :)

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