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Tax Lien now showed up on EX!


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Hi all,

I have a PAID Tax Lien that I finished paying off last year via Installment Agreement. I got the Certificate of Lien Release (Form 668Z) at home. Now it is showing up on EX all of sudden (after I have done my daily TC pull)! This is what's on EX:

Federal Tax Lien

Status: Filed

Date Filed/Reported: 01/04/2007

How Filed: Individual


Released Date:


Amount Owed: $XXXXXX

So what I have decided to do was contact the court this lien was filed and I have to bring my Certificate of Lien Release to have them put it on file. No problem with that, I'm off on Friday so it's all good. But what should I do to get this off of EX? Am I only going to have "paid tax lien". The thing about this was I took care of this issue BEFORE it showed up on my reports. I can't live with this for another 7 years...I was doing so well too!

Please help...I'm at my wits end. Thank you all.

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Public Records usually don't go away just because they are paid. In your case the lien was filed and then paid. So, the reporting is correct for the filing part. If you send proof that it was paid, it will be updated as Paid. It will not be deteled.

So basically, I have to dispute this normally, basically forcing EX to prove that this lien is mine. I have tried reading other threads here as well as searching for a way to delete this before I start.

What I am going to try to do is get the IRS to perhaps give me a Certificate of Withdrawal. I don't see why they can't hook that up since I am current now. I will also go to the Court house where this was filed and have the Certificate of Release put on file.

This sucks...this really sucks. I didn't get a notice that I got the lien in the first place because it went to an old address. I had on my own made arrangements with the IRS to pay the debt in full with penalties and all. Yeah I could have paid some guy to negotiate, but at the time, I felt that hey, I messed up, I should pay what I owe and never do that again.

If anyone has successfully gotten rid of a paid tax lien, please let me know. I need this on EX right now like I need a hole in the head.

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