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now they attempt to verify

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Long story short..

-received summons/complaint from CACH on Dec 30

-answered on Jan 20

-sent validation request to Att. on Jan 20

-received affidavit from attorney on Feb 18

-May, received motion for summary judgment

-may sent motion claiming affidavit was hearsay, updated affirmative defense, and counter claims.

-Today- received "bill of sale" from Cach, not notarized, and just a signature from someone saying they are CEO of household: a copy of a "generic card member agreement (no names at all). and affidavit of business records signed and notarized by CACH. and a letter from attorney to call them if I would like to settle.

if this is considered verification, are the still in violation because the suplied this after continued collection activity?

the said this is the documentation they have.

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