I got offered a job today

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I must say I am tempted....I have an interview tuesday morning, first choice out of 50 applicants...

heres the story, I was at a local pizza place the other night and they were having a job fair...I introduced myself and gave them my card hoping to get some service work with them.

Well they came into my shop today, 2 managers...we talked for awhile and they said they sought me out to run the robotics for a start up plant. The manager asked about my degrees and I'm sure they saw the Deans list and Honor Roll certificates hanging on my wall...I explained it took me 16 years to complete my degrees with kids and all and they said that showed perserverance...LOL

They offered good hours 3 12 hour days, sat, sun and mon and good pay including full benefits...I could still run the shop the rest of the week...and I could use the benefits, alot of people here have none...

Anyway I was scheduled for the First interview slot on Tuesday Morning....

What do ya'll think? Is this what I want to do? I love my shop but I'm so worried about the economy...

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No harm in going through the interview process and getting a firm offer in writing. When you have all the numbers and info in front of you, then you can discuss the pros and cons with the family and come to a decision.

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If there is no harm why not? This could be opportunity knocking and you wouldn't want to miss that!

There was a reason all this happened. I believe in fate! Years ago I wasn't looking for a job and my mom called and told me they were looking for someone to work for the archdiocese and I told her I was fine where I was. She convinced me to go to the interview anyway and they hired me on the spot. I really had to decide if it was worth leaving a downtown job with all the benefits to work for the church, of course their pay and benefits would be comparable. I figured there was a reason all this was playing out the way it was and bit the bullet and took the job. That was more than 13 years ago!! Had I not taken the job I would have NEVER had met my husband or had my 4 kids! And to add if I had never met my husband I would have never had moved to the Southside (hubby was offered a job so we moved there) where I ended up working for a company that put me in contact with the person who gave me the job I have had now for 12 years. I believe everything happens for a reason. Good luck! :)++

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