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Brothel Bus Gets Busted

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The Girls On The Bus

Miami prostitution bust nets a rolling house of ill repute


JUNE 26--Miami Beach cops have busted a rolling whorehouse that operated from a $250,000 bus and offered riders who paid a $40 cover charge lap dances and assorted sex acts.

The bus and its six inhabitants were sidelined early Sunday morning after three undercover cops boarded the mobile brothel and observed women brazenly offering sex and lap dances (oral sex, cops said, cost patrons $100).

As seen in the mug shots on the following pages, police arrested Kimberly Daniels, 23 (below); Leighann Redding, 24; and Christine Morteh, 29, on prostitution charges. Cops identified Morteh as the bus's madame. Two other women, Princess Thigpen, 24, and Leah Harris, 25, were hit with lesser violations. Driver Scott Clyde, 41, was charged with several counts, including transportation for the purpose of prostitution and possession of a controlled substance (he was carrying a Viagra stash).

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Check out the pictures of those chicks from that link...

Those girls do not look like that they are in any way worth $40 for a lap dance. There are plenty of gentlemen's clubs where you can get a lap dance from a hot babe for half of that price.

And then to get your knob polished for a hundred clams... I wonder what they were charging to do the nasty...

But then again, I don't partake in such activities so I don't know what the going rates are...

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