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Macy's Account Upgrade Questions

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I just received a letter from Macy's telling me congrats you earned an account upgrade. I currently have the regular store card this is the Visa one. I currently have a 2k line on the store card and it is my longest credit line opened in 1991, always paid on time never late. So I dont want to change that reporting for sure.

So I am reading the fine print and it looks like they continue to report the store line and then a new credit line for the Visa portion. I am curious if anyone has done this account upgrade if so:

Is the new visa portion of the credit line reported as opened now or when the original card was opened?

Do they do a hard pull before issuing?

If you just use it for in store purchases do they even report the visa line?

Not really sure as to the benefit of accepting this if it reports as a new account hurting my score and the APR is not that great 17.9% much higher then other credit card offers I am receiving.

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