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I sooo spanked their arses. The system works!


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This is the letter that I received late last week, it's from a JDB that I've been dancing with.

(Over the last 3 months I've made complaints with the AG, ACA, and BBB)

Mr. Consumer:

Please be advised that XXXXX Collections permanently closed the above referenced accounts. Additionally, an update was sent to the credit bureaus to which we report instructing them to delete all references pertaining to theses accounts.

We trust this covers your concerns.

Very truly yours,

Scum Bag Attorney

They didn't even acknowledge the fact that my attorney has already sent them a demand to appear before a Fed. Judge.

Suit was filed approximately 14 days before they mailed out this letter.

Chalk another one up for the good guys!

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Thank you, guys! I wouldn't be so excited had it been some random CA. The fact that it's a scummy JDB, that makes it pretty sweet. I should be getting the check from them soon.

To celebrate, I think I'll put their $1,000.00 down on a new Secured Card.

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