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0 credit score on Transunion report...wth


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Let me xplain my situation with these folks. I have been unable to view my report on their website via the free trial, kept getting message "could not verify identity". So I called and answered a few questions. No I am so called verified.

My last name was legally changed back in 99(family stuff). Up until now all my credit reports and any credit I have gotten since then have reflected the new last name. Out of no where TU dropped the new last name sometime in the last year and reverted back to name that I changed from and I am assuming all my tl's associated with my current last name have been deleted. So my TU report is completely clean, as if I was 18 again. I did have a few baddies that I was going to start back working on, but a 600+ score was a whole lot better than 0. I was going to dispute the incorrect last name and send in copies of ss card, drivers license..etc reflecting my current last name since 99..hell, I'll even send it copies of the court order from 99 and a copy of a report I have from TU from about 1 year ago with the correct name on it. I do not know if I can get my report to reflect what it did prior to them screwing me up or if I am really starting over again. Any suggestions on this one???

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