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taking items off the CR


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I have a big mess on my CR but Im fixing it and would like some help.

I have the good, the bad and the ugly:

I have several accounts: paid after collection, etc. (negative)

On all of these I really dont know when SOL date starts. I have no way of telling whether those items should come off the CR already or not just by looking at it.

What could I do to find out those dates?


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Hi onamission

First, don't confuse "SOL" with reporting time. SOL is the time period that a collector or creditor can sue you and win. They can still sue you after the SOL is up but you need to show up and use expired SOL/time-barred debt as your defense and the case will be done. SOL is based on your state - see the link at the top of the forums "Statute of Limitations."

Negative credit items stay on your report for approximately seven years from the date of first delinquency. It can be very difficult to determine that dates from some of the reports. First, make sure you are looking at a copy of the report that came from the CRA (not a 3-in-1). TU and EX are nice enough in some versions of their reports to tell you "this item is scheduled for deletion on..." or "this item is scheduled to go into positive status on..." But you don't get that info. on every report. Don't ask why.

You can also call each CRA and ask them exactly when the item is scheduled for deletion. They will tell you.

Good luck and keep reading the forums and stickies!

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