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What's in your wallet?

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A $20 bill, my drivers liscense, my Cap One card, and a stamp card for my local pizza place.

I pretty much never have more than $20 cash on me and never carry more than one credit/store card on me at anytime....and I to be extra safe I always have my wallet in my front pocket.

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10 bucks

driver's license

insurance cards

debit card

Tops shopper's club card

Subway club card

Ace Hardware discount card

library card

blockbuster rental card

bottle return slips (forgot to turn in at tops)

swiss army wallet card...with knife, scissors and pen (only thing useful in it):lol:

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Well since you asked...

besides a kansas dl

Florida DL

windows vista registration number

2 bandaids

my college ID

sons library card

car insurance card for cadilliac

insurance card for truck

medic alert card

about 20 pictures

free milk card

about 20 coupons

4 wooden matches

3 toothpicks

packet of neosporin

several business cards

telephone number list

an old prescription that I never filled dated 1997

1 50.00 bill

6 20.00 bills

54 1.00 bills

6 5.00 bills (change for the shop)

a lock of baby hair for good luck

thats the wallet...not my purse

oh yeah my credit cards

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