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Collection account reporting as TL


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I mentioned this in another thread but only as a sidenote to my main question. I wanted to get some feedback on this from the CIC crew.

I have a closed collection account from Certegy for a bounced check for $13 from a few years ago. When I originally started working on my report I didn't knwo who Certegy was so i dv'd them and they promptly sold the debt to another company. Upon verifying that the account was mine I paid the debt and it was never reported by the second company.

My question is this. The Certegy account is showing up on my report as being a credit account and not as a collection account. It shows as 0 balance but is listed as a retail credit account. I haven't disputed this with EQ twice and spelled my concern out very plainly in letter and included a copy of my report with the innaccuracy highlighted.

Today I received dispute results saying that the item has been verified as belonging to me. I called EQ and asked about this and they stated that the dispute showed as "not being mine." I pulled up my letter and read it to the rep and she said that she was going to start ANOTHER dispute and include my complaint in the details of it.

I guess my main questions are;

1. Is this grounds for deletion?

2. Who is missing the point here, EQ or the CA?

3. Should I also write to the CA(they have already told me that it is there policy NOT to delete accounts)?

4. Is it better if this stays on the TL side of my report or on the collection side?

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I'm having the same problem. Actually, Certegy is in violation of several FCRA & FDCPA statutes. First, they're misrepresenting themselves as the OC when in fact they purchased the account from the OC. Second, they've misrepresented their company to the bureaus as an OC so that they can willfully damage the credit of people who's returned checks they've purchased.

I'm writing the FTC, their general counsel, BBB of West Florida, Consumer Protection of Pinellas County, and whoever else will help me get rid of this company on my credit reports.

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