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capital one and identify verification

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I recently applied and got two credit cards from Capital One. One had a credit limit of 500 and the other 300. That was okay as I am trying to rebuild my credit. I am using them and paying the balance off each pay cycle. On Monday I got a weird call from Capital One about verifying if I had applied for a card on 11 July. It was a machine and I had to press numbers to answer the questions. Well of course I had not applied for another credit card and pressed the number for no.

Today there was a message from someone claiming to be from capital one and said I needed to call. I wrote down the number and then when I called it back the answering thing did not say capital one--it was something else (another financial institution that I did not recongize). It was after 1800 so of course no one was there.

A payment to Capital One is due on 23 July so I had the bank send it on 15 July and logged in to check to see if it had been credited yet. There is a note on my account that it is restricted (both cards). I called the 1800 number and after navigating the India call center I was transferred to the fraud department. They said I either have to go to a bank with my SS card, drivers license and a utility bill and then call them and have the bank teller (I assume) tell them I am me or fax that all in to them. I got in an arguement with them as I don't want to fax my SSN or drivers license number as I don't know who will pick it up. I feel like they are accusing me of identity theft and am really upset at this.

They claim that they do this everyday to their customers and no one thinks it is weird. I set up two payments to pay the cards off but they stated that I can't close the cards until I do this.

If I don't do fax or go to a bank and don't close the cards but they are paid off what will appear on my credit report. I have worked hard to pay off my bills and although my credit is still crappy I don't want it any worse. Has anyone else had this happen to them?



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