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All 12 Negatives removed from Equifax!! woohoo


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today i logged in to check my credit reports and what do i find??

all negatives removed from my equifax report. Not even 1 negative. Did they delete them or remove them for investigation?? its been 2 weeks since i sent my letters to both the CA's and the CRA's .

My score jumped to 670 from a 580 . Anyone want to help me understand what happened?

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maybe you will want to apply to

those credit cards that are likely only to

check Equifax...

this link shows which companies pull what CR.


because your negatives may return... it happens

and best to get your 'foot in the door'

with some credit cards just in case those negatives return..

then you will have good accounts to 'counter' them.

from my recent pulls...

these companies only pulled my Equifax and not

Experian or Trans Union... ( but may be different for you)






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it's a catch 22. it is a good time to apply for credit "just in case" the negatives do come back. however if you get approved for a card and the negatives come back...if the new creditors do a review you could end up with a closed account or cld. so do some research on which ones to apply for...

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things i did so far:

1- i did the online dispute for all 3

2- i wrote letters to all the people t hat have collections and negatives on my CR.

3- I wrote a letter to the CRA's to validate all the accounts and that they were part of my stolen identity.

4- called the 3 CRAs and spoke to a rep to dispute the bigger amounts on my CR.

5- got my truecredit.com account with all 3 and myfico.com with all 3 and check them daily to see whats left.

I keep sending letters out with all the accounts on my report for each CRA.

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Have you tried calling Capital One after they denied you? They may just want to verify your identity. It probably wouldn't hurt trying. I believe capital one usually pulls all 3 bureaus.

ill give them a call. I see they pulled EX and TU but not EQ lol

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