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Do my Hooters look BIGGER???

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HAH! :)

I've been obsessed with the idea of getting a boob job for years, even though I know I'd look completely top heavy and ridiculous if I did it. Thankfully my wonderful spouse refuses to entertain the topic anymore because I'm obnoxious, so it has quieted down.

Ha me too but I'd look funny. I'm kinda bony so I'd look like Pam Anderson.........and we all know that ain't cute! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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I get that with Juny. Must have something to do with the way your card is coded at acceptance.

Yep. :)

I've heard that line of BS from a few CC companies and after further investigation (and speaking with managers), I've been told that cards can be on different "programs" based upon the consumer's credit worthiness.

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Anyone else see the fine print in their latest Hooters Card statement regarding some rewards program changes? It refers you to the Web site... where there is precisely zero information. The posted terms and conditions look like they're still from 2005.

One change I can see in the rewards catalog is that "cash back" has turned into "cash back posted directly to your account," so it seems that you don't get a check anymore (fine with me, since I use the cash back to pay down my balance anyway). The merchandise catalog may also have thinned out a bit, but perhaps it's only showing me stuff I can get with my current points total.

Just for the hell of it, I called tonight to ask for an interest rate reduction. Denied. (Still at 23.2% after a year, no annual fee.)

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Well they had what seemed like literally 1,000 things in that catalog. And like you, I just got a check and used it to pay a balance anyway, so that's fine.

At least the Merrick-H card will lower rates, or so I have heard. I have had the regular Merrick card since 2004 and while I've gone from a $1000 limit to a $3,300 limit in regular small increments, they will NEVER lower my rate, they said. They just don't do that. And I don't remember what it started as, but early on I must have paid a day late and they jacked it up to 32%, so there it sits. (Yeah, I know, but it's a good line of credit to keep open, or use for very short charges and then pay it right off, which is what I'm doing this month - I can't wait to see that balance gone.)

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Looks like the number of points required for cash back went up recently. It's more like a .78% cash back program now instead of 1%. Despite it having the highest limit of any of my cards, this account is becoming less attractive with each passing month.

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There should be a link that says "rewards." You might have to log out of the card maintenance site and go to hooterscard dot com or something.

They have "cash" and other stupid things, so select cash. It'll tell you how many points you need to get, say, $20 back to your account. Or $40 or whatever. You might need to make up a separate login for this.

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Mine is also at 21.7% and 26.7%.

I've never used the points, it a little over 9300 now. How do those get cashed in?

My $5200.00 card at 14.xx% just went to 29.99 for purchases. I called them and asked...

How long has my account been opened?

A: April 2006

How many times have I been late with a payment

A: Zero

How many times have I paid the minimum payment?

A: Once

How many times have I paid a considerable amount over the minimum?

A: Several

How many times have I paid the card to zero in all those years?

A: Several

So, you would agree I am a low risk customer correct?

A: How can I help you?

Would you agree I am a low risk customer?

A: Yes, it appears that way

Then why has my interest rate doubled?

A: Some are worse than that

There are some better than that though, right?

A: I have no idea

Well how can you know some are worse, but not know if some are better?

A: Yes, some customers have a better rate than yours, I am sure

Well, since I am such a low risk, I want one of those lower rates

A: Sorry, we can't do anything for you at this time.

"Can't" and Won't" are miles apart. Choose your words carefully.

A: Nothing we can do at this time. It is changing and that is that. You can opt out if you are not willing to accept the revised terms.

I wanted to climb through the phone and strangle them.

Obviously, this one will get paid to zero and cut in half.

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Got the letter yesterday raising rate from 18.2% to 21.7%. It definitely sucks but I am unfortunately not in a situation I can just pay it off and cancel it. I guess they've got me on this one.

The letter specifically states...

"...several changes made to your account as a result of the current economic conditions and new federal laws and regulations that affect all credit card companies........These terms are being changed for reasons unrelated to your account status or credit history.

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I'm glad you got that nice paragraph, Dinomosin, and I wish I got the same. Unfortunately, my letter invited me to ask if I want to know the specific reasons they changed my (and my husband's) account terms and said that the decision was based on information from Transunion.

:? Bleh. Makes me wonder if they just raised rates on everyone, reason or no reason. If they found a no-no (and there aren't any in my report! Maybe high utilization/short history, but that's it - I guess that's enough - oh yeah, and inquiries... my point is that while my "profile" may be high-risk, in actuality, I'm a perfect customer WITH THEM and everyone else, but I guess that counts for nothing..)

Anyway, I guess they either say it's for reason, or it's for no reason other than the economic climate at large. Rate hikes nevertheless, for one and all.

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Doesn't this seem a bit (or a lot) bogus? Mine was related to my crappy credit report; yours was not. Yet my rate-hike goes up to being not as high as yours was in the first place.

I can't prove or disprove that the letters they sent out represent a pile of B.S. but I strongly suspect it.

Did anyone notice the onion-skin paper they sent the letters on? Save $0.001 per mailing on the thinnest paper possible. :lol:

*I also never had an annual fee and still don't. That seems arbitrary and like a lot of B.S. also. Gee, it's almost as if "Merrick Bank" is not a very respectable or above-board "bank." LOL They're not a real bank from what I can tell. I would just love to see the inside of their offices, just once. My husband guessed that it's a boiler-room-like setup, just a few rooms. More closed accounts than open ones. More collection activity than actual credit card transaction servicing.

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