CIT Identity Monitor location and warrentless evesdropping now

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Ok so it seems none of the radio talk shows want to touch base on this so I will mention something here only because everybody needs to be aware of the ramifications of the new FISA bill Bush signed into law!

I just signed up for CIT ID monitoring and needed to call to confirm a few questions (my alerts I placed on my files) and I always ask everybody now what country I am calling. With CIT Identity Monitoring, they are located in the Philippines which places ME and my conversation with THEM within the FISA law for warentless eavesdropping because I spoke with someone outside the USA!

This FISA goes far beyond what most people are aware of. Any and ALL COLLECTION calls I receive are of a very BAD quality over the phones now and I ask them as well where they're calling from and it is usually INDIA! So...............

Nothing we do as AMERICANS are now protected or private. My broken ice machine blade took me to customer sup[port in India as well. With all the outsourcing it's no wonder Bush passed FISA!

You will note that MOST if not ALL of the credit monitoring companies out there are ALL outside the United States now.

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The constitution is only good within US territory anyways...the minute you or your voice/data leaves US territory you lose most of your privelages under the constitution. So, this means that dubya can gather his "intelligence" instead of dubya having the UK do it for him.

It's just like the late George Carlin said...it should be called the Bill of Privelages...not the Bill of Rights.

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