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One small victory

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So I have been fighting with Palisades in the courts for nearly a year now. They filed last July and served me in September. Since then i have requested document after document and continued to recieve no response from them or their attorney other than continued collection activity and violations of the FCRA for continued reporting without the correct notation in the reports. Even after I sent their attorney, as well as themselves, warning after warning regarding the violations and the requests for documents that were being ignored i received nothing. I amended my answer to include the counter-claims. STILL nothing from them. So i finally filed a motion for summary judgement. Even then i recieved nothing from them. I finally tracked down the names of the owners and other high ranking people within the organization(thanks to the bud hibbs site) and sent them ALL letters, as well as thier legal department and the local attorney here, explaining that I had not received any communication reagarding the case as requested, that the file had not only been not reported correctly for months as required but that it even very recently had been noted that it was "placed for collection". As of this writing I still have not heard anything from them, but notice during my daily update of my Truecredit report with the CRA's that Palisades is now GONE completely from the report. So, maybe the letter to the owners actually finally got someone's attention. The court date is the 25th of next month so we'll see what happens between now and then. Small victory though and i think it may strengthen my complaint that they have no information.

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