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Make way for S&M Barbie!

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A co-worker showed me this and I thought it was funny as hell. All she needs is a whip! Apparently this Barbie is making quite a splash in some more conservative groups. While I will not be buying this Barbie for my daughter, I think it's funny. :lol:


Here's a better pic


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Ok, maybe one of the Barbie enthusiasts here can help me out. Several years ago, I could have swore I saw a "Jello Shot Barbie". Now I can't find any evidence of it. Am I crazy? Did she exist? :confused:

Check it out-Jell Fun Barbie!!! :lol::lol::lol:


S&M Barbie is pretty bad but a while back I remember seeing a pregnant barbie and freaking out! I was like c'mon now Barbie is knocked up? :lol:

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