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My score is going up but how?


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Ok.. this might be a really dumb question. I found this site about 2 months ago and have been reading daily since then. I have not done much.. disputed some addresses from EQ, pulled my free annual report for TU and EX.. EQ needs me to send info to get a hard copy. I also signed up for Chase ID protection.

I sent off a letter to EX to try to dispute some addresses/aliases. The only thing I got back was a letter from them saying they didn't think the request was legit so they were not responding???? Hmmm..

I sent off a dispute to TU CMRRR which they recieved July 10th. I've seen zero action from that yet and since signed up to the TU service so I can pull that report daily.

From first pull, FAKO scores were:

EQ 524

EX 499

TU 462

This weekend FAKO scores were:

EQ 536

EX 524

TU 505

I have NO credit cards (well just got a BOA secured card that I see posted in today's pull but haven't even got th card yet).. I don't see any accounts that have fallen off. The only thing I have are student loans but they are in deferrement-although report positive every month..

What would explain the #'s going up?

I DID have excellent credit prior to 2002 and those accounts are still showing but all closed... do those have any weight to bring things up??

Just confused. Not complaining per se but just don't understand what/how they are going up with out any real credit.. I don't even have an auto loan.

? Thoughts?

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FAKO scores rise and fall depending on which way the wind blows. It's your FICO scores that really matter and chances are, they haven't moved much if you haven't seen any activity. Have you pulled those?

(This is the precise reason why none of us use our FAKO scores for anything!)

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No, I haven't pulled FIKO yet. I'm going to do that this weekend. Am I correct that if I go to myfico.com and pull the 3 there, that they will all show true FICO scores?

The problem though is I never pulled them at first, so I will have no idea if they went up as well or not.

But at least I'll have a starting point.

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Consider this your starting point. I second what lovebug said about your FAKOS.

I seriously doubt much has happened since you (admittedly) haven't done much. Pull one or two FICOs (it's expensive to get all three -but you can) so you have a baseline and get to work on your reports. :goodluck:

PS: Yes, you get true FICOs at myfico.com

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