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(a new new thread game... just remember the 'real men of genius Bud Light commercials and read along like the announcer... lets all play along!)

Today we salute you, Mr. Unmoved, Unimpressed, Bored “Meh” Guy.

Mr. Unmoved, Unimpressed, Bored “Meh” Guy!

Others might bleat like sheep before the latest social phenomenon, but you remain unaffected; it’s going to take more than some fleeting flash and bang to push YOUR heart rate past fifty beats per minute.

The Dark Knight coulda been shorter

With a dispassion bordering on sedation, you suck the wind from the sails of joy and expel it in one long ponderous pffffffffft. What the hell are these people getting worked up about, anyway?

Salma Haaayek is rather homely

Pool parties? Meh. Academy Awards? Meh. Intergalactic warfare? Meh. You see through to the tedium at the heart of these allegedly noteworthy events and deflect them with the mightiest weapon in your arsenal: a slight shrug of the shoulders.

Energy conservation is a virtue

So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, you island of indifference, and apologies in advance for the bland, watery taste.

Mr. Unmoved, Unimpressed, Bored “Meh” Guy

(now you try! :D )

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Ok my turn:

Today we salute you, Mr. Still Lives in his Parent's Basement

Mr. Still Lives in his Parent's Basement!

Sure your a failure to launch story. and that may embarrass others. But not you, you understand the benefits of living at home at 35.

Mom I said no starch in the underwear!

Addicted to cheetos and world of war craft you are a true hero, (in your own mind)

My level 12 Dark elf sorcerer will totally p0wn your Dwarven rune priest!

Trolling myspace for love, and posting pictures of yourself from a time when Bon Jovi was hot, you are one fine catch.

Who doesn't love a mullet!

So crack open a bud light you denizen of the dungeon. The bud will go great with the mustard stains on your wife beater.

Mr. Still Lives in his Parent's Basement!

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Today we salute you, Mr. Overuser of Emoticons Guy

Mr. Overuser of Emoticons Guy!

You bring to these forums a simple gospel truth: if a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animated icon expressing your emotions at the end of every sentence is worth so much more.

That's more like a million!

Other men might practice moderation, but lo! They are the weak ones, their posts are un-expressive and bland. Only you can shine forth and show us just how much that post made you laugh.

I don't have an a$$ now!

Musey threads. Weight Loss threads. Birthday threads. Any time and any place you are ready to unleash your animated assault upon the unsuspecting masses. All must bow before your emotional tour de force.

There's a face for that, too!

So, crack open an ice-cold Bud Light, you booster of the brick wall and sultan of the spanking. Because why write bullshi! when instead you can loudly say: bs.gif

Mr. Overuser of Emoticons Guy

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Today we salute you, Credit Redneck

You do all you can to take credit

You agonize over your 800 score, and devise ways to enhance it.

You try enhancing your family's credit and am always looking for a reason to dispute, you even argue good accounts.

You enjoy keeping track of scores of inquiries, lines of credit on spreadsheets...

Your soul purpose for getting up in the morning is to check true credit and see if you have a reason to dispute...

Others may call themselves credit rednecks, but you top them all you analyze, send CMRRR to Fair Issic daily complaining, You even know all the foreigners that answer the phones for the credit card companies.

Your so smart, you have devised your own formula for better credit...it includes photoshop...

Your perfect, perfect credit, perfect person, perfect customer...

Why aren't you married? After all Good credit is SEXY!!

Cause Mom won't let you date till your 45 and move out of the house.

You really are a authorized user and loser on mom cards.

So if Mom will let you....open a Bud Light and dream someday you will have a job and a score of your own.

Real Crednecks don't sweat the small crap...they can afford to buy their own beer, pay with a money back card and pay no interest..

so loser....errr authorized user, take that and evaluate my score!!!

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