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Time Share Properties, Quick Claims, Already Discharged

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Hi All,

I wonder if someone can help?

My Girlfriend her discharge from Bankruptcy in 2004.

That case also included a timeshare property.

She just started to get some letters from them recently, first there was one asking her to fill out a quick claims deed, and some property tax conveyance and then a month later a collection letter stating the balance, but also stating it was already discharged (lol).

We called and started to talk to them, and they replied they basically wanted the Quick Claim deed filled out so they can do whatever they want with the property. And in addition they just sent an additional letter which states the following;

"This is being written, per your request, to inform you that upon recodation of the fully executed Quitclaim Deed that we are expecting from you, we will then consider your account closed. As you have been discharged in bankruptcy, there will be no deficiency and no deficiency judgement will be sought against you.

We appreciate your call and thank you for understanding that our intention is to settle this matter in an amicable way."

Question is, should she fill out the quick claim deed to get rid of them (less the tax documents)?

WHat would your recommendation be on to get rid of them

Thanks in advance

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