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okay i just got a call from a CA who said they were calling because they wanted to talk to me before they proceded with the investigation of my assets.

i sent a DV letter monday overnight and they got it yesterday. they contacted me last week and said they were assigned the debt, now today they said they purchased it back in september.

1. how do i know which they did?

2. can a CA investigate my assests?

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First, CAs don't buy debts. Junk debt buyers buy debts. The JDB may have a CA working for them.

Second, one way to be sure the debt is sold is to look at a recent credit report. If the OC's TL says "sold to another lender", and their balance is $0, its been sold. If those things are not true...well, it might have been sold, but you'd have to get some confirmation from the OC to be sure.

Third, can a CA investigate your assets? Maybe. But what that generally means in CA-speak is that they're going to take another look at your CRs to see if there's any evidence you're paying other people. They may investigate public records in your area...the see if you're buying a house...whatever. Can they come out to your house and inventory all your stuff? They can try, but unless they have a court order, you have no reason to cooperate.

And...the "assigned", "we bought it" stuff is also CA-speak intended to panic you into making you beleive you should do something you might not have to.

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thanks for your help. here is what my CR says

The tradeline has the CA name on it then underneath is says OC and gives the OC's name.

Status: Collection account

Account history: Collection as of Jul 2008

Credit limit or original amount: $xxxx

Recent balance: $xxxx

does this mean it has not been sold?

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No. It would be an entry on the OC's TL that you'd look at.

the OC doesn't have a trade line this is how it looks


Collection company Balance:$xxxx Status:

address Collection account

acct #

Original creditor: their name


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You don't say what kind of debt this is...

If its a CC, then chances are is so old that its fallen of your reports...in which case it might be beyond SOL.

If its something else...like a medical...you might want to call the OC.

its a CC that i opened in dec 2003. the SOL in Ga is 6 years. this is the FIRST time its been on my CR. even back in 2005 which is the latest CR i have its not on there at all. i sent them a DV letter monday overnight and they got it Tuesday. then all of a sudden today they call.

one more thing. i have been reading other post in the fourms and i am reading that when you do a DV then on your CR TL it should say "disputed by consumer" where should i look for that and how long after they receive the DV letter should that pop up on my CR? I am looking on truecredit.com by the way

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The "in dispute" notation should appear within 30-45 days of their receipt of your letter....you did send it CMRRR, right?

The "credit reporting period" begins with the "date of first delinquency" with the original creditor. Most state SOL's begin on the same day.

IMO, truecredit is pretty much a CRAPOLA rip off. They really only give you day by day data from TU...the others lag as much as 45 days behind.

I'd suggest you go to www.annualcreditreport.com and get current, up to date, reports from each CRA.

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Okay here is the response letter i got from my DV letter to the CA:

Account name: Me

Account address: my house

Account ssn#: my lojack info

Original creditor name: Citibank private label

Original creditor number: CC number

Date of origin of account: 2003 - 10 - 12

Date of last payment on account: blank but i have records where i paid money to the department store

Date of charge-off for account: 09/06/2005

Current owner of account: IDT Carmel Inc.

Date of ownership by current owener: Left blank

Current balance owed on account: $1,025.13

Current interest rate on account: 26.73%


People First Recoveries

does this look like a proper DV response? and why is it when i called People First they said that they were assigned the debt by Citibank Private Label, but the letter they sent me says it is owned by IDT Carmel? does this matter?

Now in my DV letter i asked for:

• What the money you say I owe is for

• Explain and show me how you calculated what you say I owe

• Provide me with copies of any papers bearing my signature that show I agreed to pay what you say I owe

• Provide me a copy of complete payment history

do i send them another letter, saying that they did not properly validate the debt as per the letter? or what should my next move be???

it is reporting on my CR by People First Recoveries


Type: Collection

Status: Collection account

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Just got of the phone with people first and the manager told me that they don't have access to the information i requested in my DV letter. He informed me that the account has been sold to IDT Carmel. I have in my possession an account sheet with a balance of $100 in August 2005 the account was charged off in September of 2005. I have sent People First this information 3 times already and they contend that they don't have it. what should my next move be?

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Just got of the phone with people first and the manager told me that they don't have access to the information i requested in my DV letter.

About that time I'd tell them to get their (censored) tradeline off my credit report or the next thing time they hear from me will be in the forms of a summons.

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thats what i am doing now. how do i get the issue resolved? because i am not going to pay a debt that is incorrect when i have proof of a lower balance. if they don't have to answer the DV letter then what is my next recourse :confused:

i am at the point where i think i am going to xhitwallx to their heads

*UPDATE* Peoples First Just called me and said if I don't resolve the matter today then they would send my account to their legal department. Should i go ahead and send them an ITS letter and file the necessary paperwork with the small claims court

what i am looking for is the CORRECT balance. i have a letter from the OC when i stopped paying because i lost my job of $300.00 then when i got me a little part time gig i sent them 200 which leaves a balance of 100. Peoples first is saying the remaining balance at charge off was 500 and now is up to 1000

Possible violation????

People first sent me a letter and the letter says Owner: IDT Carmel Assigned: People First i asked for the number to IDT carmel and the guy on the phone told me that they are one in the same. now i was doing some more reading and it according case law [Gearing v. Check Brokerage Corp

233 F.3d 469 (7th Cir. 2000)] the owner and assignee can not be one in the same is this a violation?

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i will go to court over this. the basis for my suit are:

1. No response to my DV letter and they are still reporting

2. People First (CA) is IDT Carmel (JDB)

3. I have disputed with the People First and my CR does not say it is in dispute

these are the three things that my law suit will be based on

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