Ok time to list my run down since clean up

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I have been around the board for some time now though very quiet the past few years. New job for insurance for the lil one keeps me very busy. Staying persistent though the latest score check for me was

EQ 642

EX 655

TU 650

I now have the following to aid in rebuilding my credit. I still have a state tax lien and federal tax lien as well as a bad write off from Household and 1 collection that wont budge.

BOMA $1,500

Lowes $1,500

Home Depot $750.00

Household $500.00

Household $500.00

Target $300.00

Merrick CC $750.00 (high pmnt monthly)

Dicks Sporting $800.00

Orchard Bank $500.00

All used and paid at $50 per month to pay them off. I will give it another year and request CLI on CC's and possibly cancel the lower ones. Just needed the trade lines to increase my scores.

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Looking good...

Is BOMA Bank of America? How come everyone can get that one, except me? Is it because I have a BK from 2002?

I actually talked to a guy in the credit dept. and he said, "We don't like to see so many accounts with balances."

Good job on your credit rebuilding, anyway! :)

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