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verifiying with original creditor..opening a can of worms?


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Hello to everyone, I'm fairly new at this and have had success allowing my husband and I to buy a new home and a new car! But there is still something I'd like to have deleted from my credit report. I have an auto repossession form 2004 reporting on TransUnion and Equifax. The original creditor is CitiFinancial. This has been verified probably over a year or so ago with both agencies. It reports as purchased by another lender/account transferred or sold. It does not state whom might be currently trying to collect on this debt. So I am wondering if I should write to CitiFinancial and see if they can verify the debt. I'm afraid this might open a can of worms and start with collection letters, calls, etc. I know they can't reage the account. Any ideas/ thoughts? I'd appreciate any help offered.

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