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EQ wont remove BK13 - now 8 y/o

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Hi, newbie on board :0 Easy question (i hope)

Filed BK13 Oct 2000. Dismissed Oct 2001, paid most accounts outside of BK, others written off. TU & EXP have both aged the PR and it has fallen off. EQ still reporting BK, and actually shows last activity as Jul 05. No actual activity since dismissal in 2001.

Please advise best way to get resolution. I would prefer EQ to stop reporting as have the others. I have not filed dispute as yet, afraid my dispute would re-age the entry.

Thx so much for the help!


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The whole point of removing a BK13 @ 7 yrs was to reward those who got a DISCHARGE (meaning that they paid their bills). A dismissed will stay for 10. A dismissed BK looks to creditors that you couldn't even get your act together in BK....it is a baddy, but lessons learned.:cry:

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