Well...no more *whin*ing about Hooters...

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I GOT APPROVED!!!! FINALLY!!! I have Hooters, I have Hooters. ::Chasey::::Chasey::::Chasey::

I can finally go visit a friend of mine (guy--manager) who works at the Hooters. No more whining in Hooters threads for me.

Thanks CIC. I won't know what my limit is until I get the cards. I hope it's a 4 digit limit. Hoping my BOA, Crown and Bloomies helped me out.

Now the only thing I have to worry about is the DF *whin*ing about the darn magazine...I am sure she will be throwing them out the second they touch the mailbox. [sigh...]

Question for you guys, though, if my limit is at least $1000, should I fire my HSBC $500 card? Also, if I get hit with a AF on Hooters, do they waive the fee? The interest rate doesn't concern me because I don't anticipate utilizing it as heavy as my BOA card.

As always, thanks CIC! I really was getting envious about getting this card.

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heck i would keep all cards you can just for the history, I haven't used my hsbc card in 6 months, and i called to kill them both, and they said please keep our cards for a back up, we hate to see you go! I said ok, but if you close em, you will open them back up and she said i promise we won't close em! lol........ lol...... try and fire HSBC for a CLI if you want, since december i have gotten 3 of them at 200 a time for orchard LMAO. And 200 more for best buy mc... I would just keep em! If they close em oh well!

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