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Hey guys,

I was hoping you Mac users can hook me up with some info on your machines. I'm thinking about buying a Macbook Pro this weekend, because we're haveing a sales tax holiday, so i'll save about 200 bucks. This would be my first Mac, and as you can imagine, I'm a bit hesitant. I've read up on all the technical crap, so i'm pretty confident in that. I'm looking for your personal opinions on satisfaction, usability, pros, cons, etc. Anything you have to add will be greatly appreciated.

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I recently purchased an iMac for my Apt in Chicago. I love it. It is my media center with an Elgato tv tuner plugged into it I have my cable TV on it as well.

I don't do anything with it beyond dvds, music, and tv though as I still have my work lappy.

But I am able to transfer vids from one machine to the other and wach stuff on either one. Very cool!

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I was a PC dork. Now I'm a Mac dork. I opted to purchase the iMac versus the MacBook Pro solely because their laptop configuration is expected to change again at MacWorld next year...It's not a scary transition at all. I haven't had one single problem with this bad boy since I purchased it. I opted to upgrade my memory through an outside source for about $300 cheaper than Apple, have 2.5TB of total storage on this machine, and use it for both home and business purposes. ;)

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