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All you Politicos out there

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Now-This is not meant to start any discussions here about politics so please don't.

If you are interested in competing in an online world, read on!


I would like to introduce this game called ERepublik, which is a browser game that has many economical and political themes. In it, you act as a citizen of a real life country and contribute to its society, and can act in the political, economic, entertainment and military fields. The objective of the game is to both grow your citizen and also help your country grow and become more powerful.

You can work in a company, or create your own company. All the companies are created by players, and they can be private, or owned by the state. The welfare of these companies is based on the market, which is based on the actions of the players of the country, and of other countries.

The state is also controlled by the players. You can become part of a political party or even create your own. Due to political power you can become president of the party, mayor of cities, member of the congress or even the president of the country, which allows you to make changes to the economy and help your citizens grow.

The game is quite complex. You can even start wars against other countries and dominate their territories. You can improve your country armies by sending soldiers to assist allied nations defend themselves or atack others. As an individual, you can personally buy a moving ticket which allows you to travel to another country and fight for it, both for experience and for money.

The best thing about it is that it doesn't take a lot of time to play. Every in-game day is equivalent to a real life day, and there is a set number of actions you can take everyday, like training in the army and/or go to work. Another good thing about it is that the majority of the players are above 21 years old, and the average ages go from 23 to 27 years old.

Its quite an amazing game, not just because you grow personally as a citizen, but also because you compete internationally as a member of a nation.

Unfortunately the game is still on its BETA stage, so its not open for everyone. Nonetheless every player that joins can invite 5 people. I have 3 invitations left, so those interested can PM me their emails here and Ill give these to the first three persons. If you request an invite, and I send you one, please be sure to sign up-even if you decide you don't want to play. I earn 5 Gold for everyone I recruit and only have 5 invites.

So let's go forth and conquer the world!

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