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Paid in FULL! Question...........

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Hi Everyone,

I have a couple different cards that were opened for specific intent (laptops, etc) at Best Buy and Circuit City and so on...

My question is, do these VISA and MC's still report to the agencies every 30 days even when my balance is $0.00, as long as the account is open?

Also, how will this effect my FICO score in the scheme of things over the long run? I know having an open account is better and better as it ages, but what else would be useful information for me to know about these open accounts that are paid in full and not being used?


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Open, Paid in full accounts, don't help your "sucker" score. That model wants to see "utilization". On the other hand, if you have other open accounts with balances, the paid ones will help with "available credit".

Bottom line...they're probably neutral.

Ok, so although they don't directly boost my FICO at all... indirectly they do still report a lower available/used credit to the agencies every 30 days, which helps out my utilization score.

So, in the end... it might just make me look better for ratio of debt; which could eventually boost my FICO. Thanks WTC! :mrgreen:

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