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Success w/LVNV-Resurgent....so far


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I have been dealing with them for 2 years now. I have not given up, obviously, and I have finally made some progress. Thanks to all of you who have helped me to understand patience and persistence!

About a month ago, I was looking for another way, without going to court, to get them off of my report. It is way past SOL. They had already committed many violations:

1) reporting open account

2) factoring company notation

3) re-aging

4) reporting different amounts

5) incorrect validation

6) ignoring validation request....I live in Texas! :)

7) etc, etc, etc.

I Dv'd them again. I pointed out to them everything they were doing to poison my report. Of course they never responded. In the meantime, I also read up on info on how a "well-worded" complaint to the BBB would pretty much get the job done.

I had read new info recently, about why these punks were considered an OC now. I was shocked that this JDB would be considered an OC now, so I thought up another plan of action...the 623 letter. I figured they wouldn't respond to that either, but that would be another violation.

So before it got to the point of writing the 623 letter, I filed complaints with the BBB, South Carolina AG, Texas AG, FTC and The ACA because they did not respond. It must have worked because I got confirmations from all of them, saying that they had received my complaints.

Well, lo and behold, I just updated my TrueCredit scores and reports and I see that one of the accounts (I have 2) had been deleted from XPN! The other account on XPN is still there as well as the 2 TL's on TU. I had the 2 TL's deleted from CSC a while back. CSC tried to re-insert one of them so I settled out of court with them, plus suppression of the deletion!

I felt a great relief when I saw it deleted, so I logged into the XPN website online report this morning to make sure it was not a glitch or mistake and it was GONE!!!! I immediately printed the report, so XPN doesn't do what CSC tried to do, re-insert.

Point is that whomever got the job done (BBB, ACA, FTC or the AG's), it worked!

Thanks again to all who gave me great advice in dealing with LVNV/Resurgent. I am waiting until the next time I update and see the other TL's deleted as well. I will keep you posted when and if the other TL's are deleted!


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Checked this morning........LVNV is gone completely, both accounts, from XPN!!!!

I'm waiting for TU to update. Also for the confirmation letters from the appropriate agencies informing me of what transpired!

I do not know if it were due to BBB, State AGs, FTC, or ACA.

Keep you posted!

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