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Sure, it's possible. But at least you got this far and didn't get an outright rejection. :)

Do you have a FA? If so, make sure you answer your phone in case they call with id verification questions. If they have trouble reaching you within a relatively short amount of time, they will probably decline the app due to inability to verify your identity.

They may be verifying income/employment - but somehow, I doubt Macy's would do that.

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Hi there DEANNATX!

I am pretty excited! I called this morning, and because of the FA they had to verify. (last night they were already closed.) They said because no phone number was listed with the FA they had to send me a letter with a reference # and to send the required docs in to them. She said that when I sent them in there would be absolutely no reason they would deny me! So now I am happy. I am going to call EX and see if they will remove the FA.And later I will apply like you did to Bloomingdales! Hooray!xdancex

PS. Who is in the picture? (I see you changed it.)

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