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TU Response to my AG complaint re: split files

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Well, it seems my split file is resolved....for now....Their excuse is BS IMHO, because my file only has 36 items on it..how is that too many for a split? And if there's a problem with the soft inq's, then do some choppage...

Here's the letter I got from TU, along with a copy on pretty shiny paper of my new merged file. It's what they sent to the PA AG...

Whatcha think? :lol: I was thinking of calling the lady and asking what the maximum # of tradelines their system will hold is :lol:


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Congrats on getting that split file taken care of.

You said you have 36 items and the letter claims your file already has the maximum amount of tradelines....

so in this case, the answer to your question is 36.

I also agree that her response is a bunch of BS. Unless they are using some MS database....

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I think it's funny that even though there's a maximum, they moved all your secondary file items to your first one without deleting any...and they fit. But "please note" that if you generate anymore, they'll go to a secondary file.

This makes no sense.

But congrats anyway!

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