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Wells Fargo CLI Request: Denied!

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Well, folks. It's been a long, hard road to recovery. I've been making some progress, but those negatives still hurt.

So 7 months ago, I requested a CLI from Wells Fargo. They bumped me from $400 to $600. My score was below 600 at the time. After 7 months of regular usage, staying at or below 30% usage (and paying down if I go over 30% before the statement closing date), and PIF every month, I decided to try my luck at another CLI.

I was denied. They said that they couldn't approve it because of prior delinquencies. I should also note that nothing has changed between the first CLI increase and the last one. What gives?? I'm at 613 and 615 respectively on TU and EQ. They pulled EX though, and I'm not sure what my score is with them. I'm requesting my free credit report.

I want to write a recon letter. Any pointers on writing one? Anyone know who I would send it to for Wells Fargo?

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Ah recon letters. You can search some of my posts but I have had 99% luck with my recon letters. I basically call them a Shame On You letter or SOY. I called Chase up and asked them for a CLI and they gave me $2K and then I got PO because they pulled my credit report without telling me they were gonna do it. I wrote them a SOY letter and they ended up deleting the inquiry.

Find out who the CEO of WF is. Per www.portfolio.com I found this:

Company Information

John G. Stumpf, President/CEO/Director

420 Montgomery Street

San Francisco, CA 94163

US Map it

Phone: (866) 249-3302

Fax: (626) 312-3015


or this:


Write the CEO a letter and make a copy of it and send that letter separately to one or two of the board members. In your letter just go on and on about how you are now a responsible consumer. You read Suze Orman's website and watch her show. Tell him how you have expendable money each month and you only use your WF card because you get rewards points, cash back, etc. Tell them you have always appreciated their customer service and you like their web site, etc. Pour the honey on thick.

Here's the link to my post to give you an idea.


Here is the link to a copy of my letter.


ALso keep in mind that no two situations are alike. What worked for me, may not work for you and what works for you may not work for me. Just type your letter and voice your concerns.

I'll await to hear the response you get from WF so post when you get it.

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