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Fico Scores

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Historically, for MY scores, around 570 - 585, FAKOs are higher. Around 590ish and my real FICO was 620ish. Also depends on where you get your FAKOs. The above was for TC of which I am one of the banned many.

For my CIP scores, EQ is 10 high. EX is 40 low. TU is 60 high. Ya never know.

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Well my True credit TU - is 629 And the others are ex is 598 EQ is 584 .. Im deciding weather to purchase the Fico scores to see if I qualify for New credit. to help boost my score...

I have a 7 year collection falling off next month.. Its gone from Ex already

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I also have True Credit. I also have Transunion and pull just that report there. My TU FAKO score between the two of them are within 10 pts.

I pulled my Fico scores last week and found they were substantially higher than my FAKO's.

In the range of 40-60 pts higher... I was very very suprised.

Just remember if you pull from myfico.com there are a lot of coupon codes out there you can use for a discount.

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Does anyone use Chase Identity Protection? I cancelled them because my scores were so out of whack.

XPN: 612

TU: 540

EQ: 404

My scores are identical across the board and my XPN score is the lowest.

WTH??? Their rep explained to me that they score different than others. Well, I can see that! I have been using TrueCredit for years and I thought they were off. TC scores are at least 40-60 points behing the true scores.

I'll trust TC before I give anymore $$ to CIP!

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My FAKOs have overed near low six hundred land for awhile. That's why I don't bother updating it. But my FAKOs are useful because it tell me when to pull for my FICO...when it changes at least 5-10 points, that's when I see myfico.com....

I just checked my EX yesterday as that has been done reporting for the month. I'm 671 Fico on EX (5 points, yeah.....but I'll take it). When I pull TC and see the changes I need on the other two, that's when I'll rerun my FICO scores...

TC and FICO must have different criteria...which is why your TC might be lower, but FICO might be higher. The one thing I do agree with WTC is I try to keep zero balances only for my mortgage FICO to increase (which is not the same as the "sucker" score). Whenever I see a change period on TC, I will see a change in FICO.

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