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Is this a success?


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I received a dunning letter from the good people of the Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay, P.C. about three weeks ago saying I owe 181 dollars to Wells Fargo, but they'll settle with me for 130.

I haven't had a Wells Fargo account for at least five years, and I never, to my knowledge owed them any amount of money. In fact, neither Wells Fargo or Mitchell N. Kay is reporting on my CR.

I sent a DV letter which they signed for on 8/01.

Today I received a letter from MNKay saying:

"In response to your recent communication, please be advised that we have noted your dispute regarding this matter.

Accordingly, we are closing our file and will return this account to the creditor referenced above [Wells Fargo]."

What the he11 was that all about?

I wish Asset Acceptance would fold this easy.

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I ran into the same situation with MNKay. They sent the same letter to me after I DV'd them. They were collecting for the "OC" Midland (Yeah, they are the OC - RIIIIIGGGGHHHTTTT). Anyways, I've been dealing with these Midland creeps for 8 months now. I'm sending them ITS letter since they never validated and continue to update/verify on my CR's.

Midland :<img src=:'>

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