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So, a victory i think, case dismissed

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Yes, today after i stayed up all night as not to miss my court date, i drive down to the courthouse, arriving a bit early. When i get up to "check in"with the clerk she informs me that yesterday the opposing side decided to dismiss it. So to recap, basically these Hudson and Keyes scumbags little hired local lawyer had no evidence at the first pretrial, because i was half asleep i didnt object to the continuance(i didnt know what reseting the pretrial was), and then today i find out they just dropped it. If i learned anything from this to share with you guys, it is that; 1. they will sue you with no evidence and bluff 2. If they dont have evidence they can still win if you dont show, here in Fl where i am anyway, i personally witnessed a woman get her default judgment from the judge at the first pretrial and she just said thanks and walked out, she didnt have to prove anything . If i had advice from this it would be make sure to show up and dont be so eager to settle, especially if you know they got nothing on you. :)

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