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Newbie needs help w/cc & consultation


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Hi All,

I'm starting my quest for better credit. Here are my scores:

TransUnion Experian Equifax

535 536 553

Are there any unsecured credit cards for my score? I've tried kay, target, macy's, & bofa to no avail.

Also, has anyone tried the "professional consulation" here (one that's $45 for half an hour)? Any reviews?

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome galvie....

You will need to read the stickies on the top of every forum. I remember when I first came here, I thought I would find that magic wand too......but you will find nothing like that here. We don't do reviews of "consultation services" as the help that you find here for free is enough to give your scores a very good boost. Plus, when your credit does get cleaned up, you will appreciate your credit that much more and make sure your scores don't look like ---- again. But you have to make an effort to help yourself by reading the stickies before you get the help you need. Also you need to tell us why your scores are so low (do you have judgements, collections, repos, lates, etc). Learn what terms such as DOFD are (that one will help tell you when your baddy will go away on it's own....DATE OF FIRST DELINQUENCY). Stuff like that....

Trust me, since I've been active on this board, my scores have enjoyed that boost. And I had a CRO work on it a year before but they only got 1 or 2 baddies off...maybe three....the majority of bad stuff and good stuff, I did on my own.

Best of luck, Galvie.... :)

BTW, unsecured credit in this climate and with your scores? Fuggedaboutit......start looking into crown jewelers and at least one secured credit card....BOA I would recommend (secured! not the unsecured.......)

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