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walking in your shoes - credit keeper

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I know that a lot of you are using True Credit; however, does anyone have any knowledge on Credit Keeper? If so, what is your opinion of it?

The sample on their web site looks easy to read and it's free for 30 days, $9.99 a month after that.

I would like to know good experiences vs unpleasant experiences with this particular program.

Since I am just now beginning my credit repair program, my research is pointing me toward Credit Keeper - however, before taking this leap, I would like imput for those who have had experience and walked the walk.

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Well I have had it for a while. It is ok. It has some ok tools. Like a "what if simulator" and the daily monitoring is decent. Just to let you know though you can't run your report daily. It is once a month. It tracks your FAKO score and gives you a three bureaus merged report once a month which i have found pretty accurate.

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Thanks for your input.

Since I am new to credit repair and have never had a credit monitoring system, I don't think a daily pull is necessary (or am I wrong?). I am 55+ and I don't know if monitoring my credit on a daily basis wouldn't be a little compulsive in my stituation. I'm also evaluating Costco's Identity Guard - any imput on them would also be appreciated.

Why I started on my credit repair mission:

Last year my DH and I were visting our daughter in Hi and decided that we would purchase a used car rather than rent a vehicle since we were visiting for 4 months. When DH went to finance the car through a local bank, he discovered that his credit report had a lot of obselete information as well as some dings that he was unaware of. He did get the loan; however, at a higher interest rate than he had preferred.

Some of the info was accurate; however, there were also items that were inaccurate. It was my mission to attack this when we got home; however, upon arriving home we received a summons that we had been sued.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. This suprise took the wind out of my lungs.

I was embarrassed (which I know now was rediculous) and did not ask anyone for help. I knew that I was unable to afford a lawyer and answered every motion with the court that was sent to me, vaguely at first, and then became more agressive with my responses.

I was so consumed in fighting this suit, I didn't sleep 24-7. I was constantly trying to determine what I should do and how to approach it. I did look at this website (SOL) but did not read any of the threads. Big mistake on my part.

Now that the law suit is settled, I've decided to return to my original mission and clear up any derrogatory items on my credit report. I have found this forum to be very supportive and nonjudgmental - it has definitely given me the fortitude to continue the "fight".

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I have found both Chaseidentityprotection.com and truecredit.com to be both very good products. I only cancelled Chase because I was using both of them as pullers. HOWEVER, you do NOT have to pull everyday if you don't want to. In fact, you may find you may need or want to pull once every 2, 3 days as stuff is always popping up within the month. In fact the two things that were surprises to me were my tax lien (I owed the IRS back taxes but I paid it not realizing I had a lien...currently disputing the item) and a JDB that I did get a lawyer for and....I got a satisfactory result (I'm not allowed to talk about it and even though I'm annonymous, I'd rather not, but let's just say it was good for me :) ).

A monthly puller may not have been able to help me get those items quickly.

Choice is always yours, of course. :)

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I had the Costco product and was totally satisfied with what it did. The alerts were timely (although you could only re-pull once a month) and the reports were accurate. I canceled it in favor of TC so that I could b*. Oh, and the Costco FAKOs were fairly close to my FICOs.

If I went back to a monthly puller, I'd get the Costco service again. It was fine.

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