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Need help with my request


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I have a lender asking what I think is the impossible.

I have to somehow get cap 1 to stop reporting CO every month as it looks like a NEW Co.

And the same thing with Applied Bank, BUT Applied bank only updated the TL to CO when I disputed it (I was hoping it would be deleted since it is 6 years old WRONG) so that looks like a NEW CO as well.

I have no idea what to ask these people when I contact them, what do I say?

Do I ask for something in writting that shows the actual co date?

I can't ask them to stop reporting and remove what they have already reported because it is correct the accounts are CO and never sold to a CA, they just sat on them.

I can't tell them I am applying for a loan they will sock it to me for sure.

BTW these are past sol and due to drop in 2009 and 2010 and I have got to get out of the place I am living now for personal and health reasons.

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Why doesnt your loan officer/lender have the processor order a credit suppliment? To try and get things updated without having to put you in the middle.

For example: I recently had a borrower who had a couple accounts that were supposed to be "included in BK" or another that had a tax lien that was listed with a status of "filed", even though it was paid off. My processor ordered the credit supp. and got these items updated within about a day.

Its worth a shot.

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