Sterling Trifecta $3000 limit--1 down 2 to go.

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got my answer... if that is what you would call it... ths one is always my favorite...

Thank you for applying for a Kay Jewelers Credit Account. We were unable to fully process your request for instant credit at this time. We will notify you via US mail of our decision regarding your request for a Kay Jewelers account within 20 business days.

so i guess the waiting game is initiated


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It could be something as bobo as needing to verify some of your inforfmation. If you have good score etc, why don't you just call them and say HEY . . what's the problem?

that's just it... i dunno what they pulled... if they pulled tu then i'm golden... but the other two are being a pita to remove... sent out new disputes a week and a half ago... waiting on response.... should i wait on responses, or just call them now?

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