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You won't 'lose' your house or (most likely) have anyone coming after it. The specifics of what actually may happen can be found in your state's laws, since you were sued under state statutes. Checking there is always a good idea.

But, in general, once a judgment is granted the plaintiff gets the legal action RECORDED in the Public Records department at your county courthouse. Since your property deed is also recorded there, the judgment attaches to the title. If you were to refinance or try to sell the home the judgment would become an issue. This is the reason a title search is performed in conjunction with Real Estate transactions.

You've probably already noticed that credit reports contain a section called 'Public Records'. Only certain PR's are allowed to appear on your CR per the FCRA 1681c, Subsection 605. Judgments are included in that group. Obtaining financing will be problematic while you have a non-resolved judgment showing. Of course, PR's also impact credit scores.

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