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credit report after BK discharge

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I just signed up for true credits credit monitoring service and looked at my husbands for the first time - we were in the 400's before we filed in Feb. and now his score was in the 600's - does that sound right? How imortant is it to look at mine too? I had a few acct's in my name only but I don't plan to apply for credit so should I really worry about it? He is not applying for anything either I mostly did it for curiosity but want to make sure everything is reported right. Our discharge came June 18 and was closed same day so should everything be updated? Many CC's are listed as "derogatory" does that mean they are showing open? I looked for a sticky about codes etc. and could not find it - if someone could give me a link if there is one I would be grateful! I though I would see some "IB" but maybe it is too soon? Thanks!

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