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Credit scores, Inquiries and the 700 club

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Hello Forum,

First I would like to say that I just cracked the 700 club! My Transunion score as of today is 706. I owe you all a great deal of thanks and appreciation. Now here's the credit score question. I subscribed to TruCredit monitoring services, they are reporting a Transunion credit score of 666. I called them and they claim to use a different scoring module than Transunion. So, is it worth keeping TruCredit if they report scores that are much lower than the CB's?

Question 2:

I'm a student and I recently had two inquiries in one month from SALLIE MAE. I need to apply for another student loan. If I apply to SALLIE MAE again does this affect my credit score greatly?



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TC gives you FAKO's. MyFico.com is the only website which gives you true and accurate FICO's. There are a plethora of threads on these forums discussing this exact topic. TC should be used to monitor your reports, not for the scores given. They are rarely in line with your actual FICO's.

I, personally, would go ahead and purchase my TU FICO from www.MyFico.com to make sure it's accurate.

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