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Okay heres one for you guys. Back in March 08, I had 12 inquiries into my TU credit report. I was able to b* down that number through April and May to 1. Now, that number of inquiries is back up to 11. What happened? I thought that once the inquiries got off your CR, they were gone for good. This has kind of crashed my score for TU, and I am pissed.

Also--back in Feb/March of '08, my scores were in the high 600's, into the 700's. My scores have dropped over 30 points since then. I have a few inquiries, a few new credit accounts that I opened in February, and one entry from Zenith Acquisitions, who is reporting a collection account on a Capital One account that they are reporting as "opened" in March 2008---which, no surprise here, I never received anything about in the mail from them, and after 2 letters to them, haven't received any response. I have no idea about any Capital One account, except the card I have with them now.

Can this stuff tank your credit score so much? I was so happy when they were actually reaching a "good" status. Also---my FAKO's are much lower than my actual FICO scores, by about 50-60 points, but still---even my FICO score has fallen over 40 points.

This really sucks----I was so happy, and now, every time I check my credit report and scores, they are going lower and lower, even though nothing on them has changed since June.

What gives?

(Thanks for your responses and input.)


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TU bumping no longer seems to work, and all inqs deleted as a result of bumpage are back. Extensive thread on this about three weeks ago if you want to search for it, but that's basically what it says.

The reappearance of 12 inqs., a collection, and new accounts could easily explain a 30+ point drop in your scores. Honestly, I'm surprised it's not more like 50 +. Sorry.

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