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Removing 4 Lates from 2002 on Student Loan. Worth it?


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I have a student loan that was closed and consolidated (refinanced) in 2005. I have four lates from 2002 as follows:

60DL in 3/2002

90DL in 4/2002

120DL in 5/2002

120DL in 6/2002

The four lates show up on the CRs as follows:

EX: Closed, in good standing, the 4 lates are shown in acct details.

EQ: Closed, 4 lates shown in acct details

TU: Closed, ADVERSE account, 4 lates shown in acct details

I disputed the 4 lates to all 3 CRs in 7/2008 and all came back verified.

I sent a GW letter to US Dept of Education in August 2008 to remove the lates.

US Dept of Educ responded to my GW letter with "Unable to Clear Credit History" letter requesting that I "submit a copy of the credit report in question for research." To me, this suggests that there is still something that can be done (more research?) to clear the negatives, right?

Question 1: Are these 4 lates from 2002 affecting my credit score? I want to know if its worth continuing this effort on the 4 lates if my goal is to increase credit score.

Question 2: Should I submit the credit reports in question as requested by US Dept of Educ?



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Moreover, student loans don't get "fixed."

If you were legitimately late, the DF is legally bound to report the lates. No discretion when it comes to government SLs. Even if you weren't late, it would be a hard thing to get taken care of. Take WTC's advice, and spend your time and energy on something else.

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One last point on your SLs.....6/2002 + 7 = 6/2009 which is where I think you got your user name! :mrgreen: (1) Lates have limited effect on scores after 24 mo. (2) in June next year, these TLs will convert to positive because they can no longer report the late pays. (For those that want to remind me that the FCRA says 7 +180 days....I know that....I am talking about what the CRAs actually do!)

If they are still showing late in 7/2009, dispute as obsolete and they should delete. The downside there would be that you would lose age and could see a score drop.

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