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Old tuition turnover for collection??


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Ok I read all the threads on student loans and I still don't know if this is considered a student loan question or tuition collection question. I went to a private university in 2000. I took out a loan with Wellsfargo and the tuition was paid but I withdrew about three weeks into the first quarter. I never recieved anything about owing money to this school and have even recieved transcripts over the years. I consolidated my student loans in 2005 and this loan was paid off and now all my loans are still in deferment. Suddenly last week I have a CA on my credit report representing this university. I believe the money went back to the lender but I am not sure. I have not even recieved anything from this CA in the mail. I have been working on clearing my credit for over a year and this has really hurt my plans. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :confused:

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