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Uphill battle

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I now realize that trying to repair my credit is going to be an uphill battle.

Just correcting something simple on my credit report has turned into chaos. I sent all 3 CB's the following letter to update my personal info. (Once again, I used the form letters in this forum and altered them slightly -thanks)

SSS xxxxxxxx

To Whom It May Concern

Identity theft is very prevalent in today’s society, and I am taking precautionary steps to avoid a possible credit card promotion being sent to an incorrect address.

Please correct your records to show my correct address and remove all other addresses. I have resided at xxxxxx since Sept, 2001. All other addresses are obsolete.

Notification and a copy of my corrected report should be sent to:


Thank you,

Today, I received notification from EX that they had updated my file; however, they did not delete 1 address, so I decided to call them.

I also noted that there was a SS variation and was going inquire about that as well.

Once I got past the automated system, the agent advised me that the SS number was provided by one of my current creditors. She advised me that she would delete it.

She was unable to delete an address because 2 creditors had reported it and I would need to contact them. The first creditor (installment loan) shows a date of last reported on 6/2000 with a zero balance (pd, closed, never late). This account is scheduled to continue on recored until Jun 2010. The second creditor (Dillards - which I never knew I had) shows a date of last reported on 9/2007 (pd closed never late). This is scheduled to continue on record until Sep 2017.

It took me approximately 1 hour to get through to my current creditor and they verified that they had my correct SS #. Ugh! Wasted my time on that call; however, I decided if I did not correct it with them that it would just keep reappearing on my CR.

I'm hesitant in calling the creditors that have reported my old address that I tried to delete because I do not want them to cancel the TL. (I couldn't believe that the CRB would delete a SSS # but not an obsolete address.)

Do I understand correctly that the TL is more important than correcting the address?

My next step is deciding how to go about having a pd medical deleted and paying a medical collection without too much impact on my CR.

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