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Another source for FAKOs

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Yes, I know these are FAKOs...but this is the first site I've ever seen that gives you these different "models." (auto, employment, etc.)


I have no idea how much it costs but just wondered if anyone has any experience with it and if these FAKOs are anywhere near those mystery FICOs we never get to see (e.g., mortgage, insurance, etc.)

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I was checking it out and it reminds of those sites where people were getting hit with unauthorized charges.

The free trial is 5 days and they put a pending charge of a $1. I dunno...I would rather hear more from folks to see if this is legit than be a guinea pig.

Besides, I still hold out on hope that there will be a disgruntled Fair Isaac's employee who will reveal all we need to know about the score (he won't care about his NDA....he'll do it incognito.... :) ).

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