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AMEX credit service vs. TU

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QUESTION: Which scores are more accurate: AMEX credit secure or True Credit?

My scores according to TC are not so great----my scores according to AMEX are in the 700's.

This is so ridiculous......there should be one score and that's it. I also monitor through WAMU, but they only give me TU Fico score.

I was feeling really crappy when I was looking at TC, but now I feel better after looking at AMEX.......

How can scores differ so much between these monitoring companies? I think I am doing to cancel TC----for about a week, or more, I couldn't even access my credit reports through their site----something was wrong and it was all locked up. TC used to be good for B*, until they put 11 inquiries back on my credit report!!! I was able to get down to 1----and now 12 inquires are showing. People on this site have said that they got wise to the B*, and put back all the inquiries that got B* due to daily checks.

I am actually going to call the big 3, and dispute the inquiries----a few people on here said that worked for them......

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All credit scores are 'accurate' and 'real'. They are numerical values calculated from data in your CR and were designed to be a snapshot of your risk as a borrower. One is as good as another, cuz none of them are the scores that a lender uses. You'll see lots of shilling for FICO on this site, but it's not the scoring god that many make it out to be, especially the consumer division.

When you stressed out over the difference, did you notice the start/stop? That alone may account for a vast difference. If your Amex FAKO starts at 450 and the TU FAKO starts at 350...you get the picture.

Various credit scores exist because consumers buy them. If people stopped paying attention to commercials and other marketing many of these companies would go out of business. The problem isn't enterprising businesses seeking to increase revenue, but with those who insist on obtaining bogus numbers that mean so little. So the question is, "What's your credit score?". Unless you're actively seeking credit the answer is, "What does it matter?".

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