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Ok the best way to get started here


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I am already working on getting my student loans taken care of

turns out there IS some false stuff on my report!

So, should I go from the bottom (lowest) Up (most $$) or Up - Down

Basically I know I have 4 apts on there, that will effect me when I move later in life - and I dont wnat my kid living in an unsafe area b/c thats all the 'credit' I can get!

I will do what I can, as often as I can and get this stuff off mmy credit!

I just

after printing out my credit reports - I have no idea where to go

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Hello :) , I can certainly relate to your feeling overwhelmed by your report. What worked for me is I broke the load down into a more mangeble size. I started with two accounts and went from there.

Secondly, there's no way around it read the sticky's they contain a lot of great info. When I first started I spent a lot of time educating myself on the particular CA or OC and how to handle them.


Try that link it has some great basic info that you can latter refine with the CIC forum. Hope that helps :)

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