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Multiple Entries on CR


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Ok, I have a couple things where I have multiple entries b/c of 'Charge offs'

I KNOW i need to pay my student loans to get rid of them, thats fine

but some of them show up like 5-6 x and its the same one! - ok, do I write letters to all but the recent one?

same w/ WAMU loans - I dont have 'that many' things on my credit - but just a lot of multiple

believe me I am so lost as to where to start here

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I'm answering blind, cuz you're the only who can see your CR. But confusing legit TL's as duplicates is a common mistake, especially with Student Loans.

In general, SL's are granted each semister of school, which can give you 4 different loans per school year. For the student, they are combined into one total with one payment. But you actually receive a separate loan each time and your CR reflects this. One sure way to tell is to total them all up and see if your payment & running total match, or are radically different.

Another common misunderstanding comes about during the merge (of the 3 CRA's files) because one of the CRA's lists a slightly different account number (typically a variation of your SSN). This can cause actual duplicate listings. So, are you looking at a copy of your Consumer File obtained directly from EQ, EX & TU? Or are you reading a tri-merge CR obtained from True Credit, Free CR.com or some place like that?

Another possible reason for what you are seeing with the WAMU accounts, is that charge offs are often transferred. If so, it's proper for the original account to display, along with any subsequent holders of the account. Multiples are allowed to show the complete history of the account. Only one of these should show a balance due, if unpaid, or the final status - if paid off.

Long way of telling you that we need more info to tell what's going on...

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